derfusi media is germany based interdisciplinary
graphic-designer christian fuss.

I am providing you with my passion for
cinematography, photography and graphic design.

sc nights

showreel 2014

Showreel of my Camera, 3D and VFX work of the last 2 years.


Moments shape our whole life and make it worth living. But what does »moment« mean and what represents it? In my bachelor thesis I worked with the two phrases »moment« and »elegy« and tried to connect them in a filmic way.

studying and living in würzburg

commercial for the city of würzburg, where i did the camera work.

red rocks

photoseries shot in the valley of fire, california.

moebel und raum

industry photography for bavarian-based shopfitter »möbel und raum«


photoseries of utrecht.

brutal order

the forest is at rest. but the horror comes closer. merciless and brutal the machine takes hold of its first victim, grabs it and shreds it within seconds. "brutal order" shows how a harvester "butchers" trees immediately.

Silent Wings

the project »silent wings« is trying to work out the artistic side of street skateboarding


capturing the perfect moment of a skate trick.

fh krems

shooting and postproduction of 13 spherical hdr panoramas of the fh krems for property preview.

$WAGGER is the case

little chasing shortfilm done in one day made during our filmcourse in france

Dexter – Dark Beginnings

work for prof. petzkes filmclass with the topic «series». the goal was to recreate and shrink our chosen series in to max 3 mins.


spherical hdr panorama and single shots of the dome in würzburg. printed in an insert nearly 1 meter long.


newly built or rebuilt würzburger houses seen in a miniature-like view achieved with tilt-shift and hdr technique


impressions from my 2 week summer school by prof nolte in late summer 2012.

under the bridge

empty places under bridges recorded with analog middle format

stille blicke

work for my book-course by prof. nolte. it's a church-guide for younger people, willing to bring them back interest for sacred buildings

henn und fries

homepage redesign and photography of accountants »henn und fries«

italy clouds

metaphor of clouds

arte noah

this is my work for my first film course. it's a moodpiece made during the exhibition «spatien» from katharina hinsberg in the kunstverein würzburg e. V.



07/2013 grip and camera assistant »schattenspringer«, directed by steffen boseckert and
naoufel hafsa
03/2013 dit »you were the walrus«, directed by daniel jaroschik and martine skogstad
11/2012 camera-assistant and vfx supervisor »memories«, directed by martina chamrad
08/2012 sound department »opas weisser: der kaufladen«, commercial by christoph kirchner
06/2011 filming of »the instant voodoo cabaret« at the theater at neunerplatz in würzburg
04/2011 interview of standish d. lawder at emaf 2011 in osnabrück
04/2011 tilt-shift timelapse from the setup of the »deutscher filmpreis 2011« in berlin
12/2010 making-of 3d-commercial »splash« for moviebrats in berlin
12/2010 sound department »trugschluss«
06/2010 second camera-assistant »the color of the sky«
05/2010 making-of »für immer in farbe«



05/2014 nominee for OFF14 in the main competition and a spot on the Academy Awards® short film shortlist
2013 »european newspaper award« in the category »phogography in general«
02/2013 exhibition »brutale ordnung« with philipp koch at the »alte feuerwache« in amberg
2012 winner »sparda kunstpreis 2013« with philipp koch
02/2011 exhibition »creative photography« at »galerie bernhard schwanitz«
12/2010 junior award »pressefoto unterfranken 2010» for the series »märklin«
07/2010 exhibition at the »treffpunkt architektur« during the fifth architecture week »a5« in würzburg
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